Rachel Bilson to choose shoes signed Camilla Skovgaard for a current social event in Los Angeles, California. The actress became prominent chiefly thanks to the show The O.C. has well defined and polished tastes in fashion. The shoes I to chose Rachel are merely in fact simple: near Leather lists alternating black and gold on the bare foot, little twisted chains gold. The inevitable stiletto heel particularly with a costume likes that.

The beautiful costume delicate tones signed Chanel ideal addition for sandals Camilla Skovgaard Which assist to rejuvenate and give the costume a glamorous touch outfit. Rachel is the daughter of art, the father is in fact a writer but also a manufacturer and director and she was fast to pursue in the footsteps of his father, begun acting since his young.

In photos over you see the smile for photographer’s Gala museum Artist’s Happening, Los Angeles. Rachel, I need to tell, is a little portion of even a small Italian mother’s side, and a actual shoes addicted. Unlike it’s nearly the same age Tailor Momence actually is a set of taste when it comes to shoes is made of cloth.

The designers Rachel’s favourite names are brilliant as Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and (as you can see) Chanel. His tastes are also brilliant in terms of boys, has been betrothed, till June 2010, with actor Hayden Christensen, his partner in the film Jumper. To me the alternative of this actress actually like … and you?


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