In this article we are going to focus your attention on the beautifully hand painted wooden combs by Sanasel.Comb is one thing you will find in a woman`s purse for sure. (Although we do not recommend you to go on a such journey,  since you can find all kinds of stuff there )

To begin with, wooden combs have a really soft feel. They are especially recommended for people who have sensitive scalp. A  wooden comb can prevent bruising or scraping the scalp. Another advantage of using wooden comb is that, it prevents your hair from dying out. It also prevents your scalp from getting greasy.

Along with the advantages a wooden comb has, Sanasel`s combs are hand painted with an original design on both sides. The technique is acrylic, covered with several layers of varnish. Thus the unique picture will stay for years to come.

Our tip is: Take care of your scalp and do it fashionably!

For more information about Sanasel and their unique items you can click here.

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