Winter is the time of the year when the skin needs a special attention. Why is that? The answer is easy – due to the cold weather, our skin easily become too dry and needs more hydration.
One way is to update the skin care products you use. Although most of us look for the cheaper products just because, we really need to think more about what we cause to our skin. So better off, just update your skin care products a little bit and use the ones with thicker formula during cold days.

One fact that could be surprising to you is that you still need to use sunscreen. This is because, opposite to widely-spread belief, during winter there are still sunrays and actually our skin is much more sensitive, so the best way to take care of it is not to stop using that sunscreen.
It is important to exfoliate your skin all year round. However, since during winter our skin is even drier than normal, exfoliation becomes essential at that time of year. So make sure you do it!
Gloves are a key accessory during winter. However, it should not be just a beauty trick, but it is actually very important to keep our hands from getting too dry and irritated by the cold weather.
Taking everything into consideration, probably the most important thing you should keep doing during winter is – keep moisturizing. It is essential, because no one wants to get this dry, cracked skin. To look natural and beautiful, just moisturize more often than usual. Also, keep drinking! Drinking lots of water during winter (and not only!) will help guarantee the necessary amount of hydration to your body.


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