The scarf is and will always be a trendy accessory, and is well known for its versatility. You can tie it, fold it, loop it, drape it, or simply use it as a wrap.

Scarves come in all sizes (long, short, wide, narrow) and textures (silky, fluffy, smooth, woolly) and can be the final touch on any kind of look. Though scarves are excellent fashion elements, however, let’s not forget their other significant purpose: giving warmth.

Speaking of giving warmth, we would like to introduce to you the unique creations of Emma NYC. Elegant and comforting as a mother`s hug, these gorgeous handknitted scarves, shawls, and wraps should be a part of every woman’s closet!

Our tip is: Be fashionable, be noticeable – Wear handmade!


For more information about the artist and her unique handmade items- click here!


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