Many people are wondering what to bring to work for lunch time. Here are some new, fresh, and exciting ideas on this topic.
Caesar Wrap: If you love a Caesar salad, this is simply the best idea for you. It is easy to make a wrap, using the salad you would eat anyways. Not only that it is easy and delicious, but at the same time it is low on calories, which mean that it will even support instead of destroy your healthy diet.

Black Beans and Avocado Wrap: If you love black beans and you are open to experiment, this would be great for you. Simply spread the ingredients on a tortilla, including mashed avocado, tomato, some corn, black beans, and of course salt and pepper. Just try and say that it is not delicious – you will not be able to.


Chicken Wrap: Who would not love chicken in a tortilla – it is almost impossible! Simply place the chicken in a tortilla, adding some lettuce, tomatoes, and some buffalo wing sauce, or may be blue cheese dressing – here you can be creative.
Chicken and Peanut Sauce Wrap: And if you have not had enough from the Chicken Wrap, here is another idea. And believe it or not, it is quite possible to get addicted to this one: just wrap the chicken, some peanut sauce, some sliced cucumbers and carrots in a tortilla, and here is your lunch.

Mediterranean Wrap: This one is one of the best for your diet, so healthy and yet delicious. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. If you want to try the energy bomb, mix together some squeezed lemon juice, some cucumbers, couscous, and a little bit of fresh mint, last but not least, add the great cooked salmon. Then, just sit and enjoy the taste!


Tuna Wrap: And while we are on the topic of sea, let’s talk about the famous tuna wrap. If you are in the need of protein right away, tuna wrap would be a great choice. To make the great tuna wrap, it is necessary to use a romaine lettuce, add the tune, some carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and of course finally – the salt and pepper.
Make your lunch a fun time!


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