When talking about different healthy diet tips or how-to-lose-weight tips, our beloved celebrities are the one we look up at the most. Why is that? Simply because people are impressed by the outside appearance at first, and we watch them daily how gorgeous they are. That is why we listen to their tips and tricks as something sacred. After all, we want nothing more than to have their perfect silhouette.

No one should go extreme. This is something that Katy Perry stands by. She often shares that her body is a result of a healthy protein diet, including a lot of veggies, and a very good workout program, but again – no going extreme.
Remove refined carbs from your menu. This is an advice given by Kelly Osbourne. Since she looks stunning, it is not hard to listen to her and belief that she lost weight and looks that good by removing sugar, processed foods, flour, etc. from her menu.
Train to be strong. Strength training is probably one of the mostly followed advices by our beloved celebrities. This is because this way they build muscles, burn fats, and even manage to boost up their metabolism.
Do some pilates. Many many celebs use this particular sport to turn their silhouettes are perfect ones. This is because pilates tightens the core, and at the same time, it burns a lot of calories.


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