In today`s article we would like to present you Paisley Maze`s handmade creations. Unique, colorful, “vegan”- crafted with great love and passion, Laura Larson`s products are designed to bring joy to the eye.

Those camera straps are not only beautiful but functional as well! They can be used as a strap and a scarf in one! The extra fabric allows for a more comfortable fit and overall better support for your neck and your prized camera. What more can we expect from such a jewel?

The artist shares: “The Happy Strappy camera neck strap and handheld straps are inspired by my love for photography (and fabric!) and desire to be fashionable.”

We cannot add more but: Be unique, be noticeable- Wear handmade!

For more information about the artist and her unique handmade items-click here!

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