We all want to look like our favorite celebrities. Katy Perry is definitely a celebrity who inspires people. Not only because of her great singing talent, but also with her impressive various looks, hairstyles, and nail art designs.
Some of the greatest ideas for an art design come from Katy Perry. Like for example, her political themed manicure. In October 2012, she impressed with a manicure showing off which candidate she supports, by drawing Obama all over her nails. When she promoted her perfume “Killer Queen”, one of the best ideas for promotion was her cool nail polish which could scare and inspire at the same time. Another funky design of the young star was noticed at the premiere of “Part of Me”. Then, her nails almost told a story with a unique, fun, and positive design details which described her in a way. Once again, exciting, during the Royal wedding, Katy Parry used her nails in a great way to congratulate the Royal family by having drawings of the beloved couple as her manicure.

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