Have you ever heard the expression: “Men’s love goes through the stomach.”? Well, it is not just a saying, but a complete truth. That is why, it is not a bad idea to use your cooking skills to make your guy even happier. After all, nothing tastes better than a meal made with love.
To sweeten his life, the best idea is to make those super cute and tasty cookies that everybody loves. To prove to you that it is as easy as to brush your teeth, here is the secret: mix a cup of sugar, an egg, and a cup of peanut butter. Shape this mix the way you want and bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Check out how easy it is to make and how fast they will go, once he tries them out.
Who does not love spaghetti?! It almost sounds as a rhetorical question. Spaghetti are very easy to make, because one can be very creative while cooking them. If you do not like all the fuss, you can simply boil the spaghetti, use a tomato, or any other prepared-sauce, and add meatballs, or really any other kind of meat you like. You can simply play with the recipe and make it anyway you want. He will like them – after all – they taste like love!
Muffins are proven to be liked by men. Why? No one knows, but who cares. Just use these little, sweet muffins to seduce your guy and make him happier than ever!

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