Today we would like to attract your attention on Verha`s Handmade Jewelry. Weronika Woźniczka is the owner and designer behind Verha. Creating beautiful jewelry is not only her passion but as the artist says “Jewelry is my life“.

Her favorite technique is chainmaille which is considered being the earliest form of metal armour and was probably invented before the 5th century by the ancient Celts. The name mail comes from the French word “maille” which is derived from the Latin “macula” meaning “mesh of a net“. The designer shares this and more interesting information in her shop. Weonika adds that: “There are many amazing weaves that make really beautiful jewelry. In my shop you can find my collection- I make my own jump rings and then I weave them into various chainmaille patterns.

Enough with the talk, we will leave it to you to decide whether that treasury is just unique or marvelous as well 😉

For more information about the artist and her unique handmade items- click here!

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