The body piercing has been modern for a while now, but not many people understand that it has a meaning and it is not just a caprice. People who have a body piercing use it as an expression of their feelings, beliefs, or passion. Although, the meaning is very personal most of the time, there are a few meanings that are widely spread.

A meaning of style and trends: Many women have piercing just for the reason of style and to be in step with the latest trends. However, if you want one, you should always be careful if it suits your body shape and even, if your body accepts it or not. After all, you can be stylish by piercing your ears as well.
A meaning of self-expression: Some people use it to express their personality. Most of them have a strong and bold personality and this becomes obvious to everyone else, by using piercing to create their unique style.
A meaning of body art: Many people use the body piercing as a body art, exactly like many do with the tattoos. There are various styles and designs, and some people even make them on extraordinary places, to express themselves. There is also abundance of colors and shapes, so it really might look like a body art.
A meaning of attractiveness: If you have greatly shaped-body, a piercing might be used for even additional attractiveness. Many girls and women believe that by placing a piercing on their belly button will make all heads turn to them, and in most cases they are right.
A meaning of religion: Actually, there are some religions that demand the body piercing. For example, there is the tribal religion. It is obligatory for them to pierce their bodies, simply as part of their beliefs. This is how they show their unity.
A meaning of culture: There are some cultures that require from their people to have piercing. Such is the Indian culture. Indian women wear a piercing on their nose and this is a must in their culture. Also, some African tribes are obligated to pierce their lips. This is a way to respect the traditions and show that you belong.
A meaning of world records: It may sound strange to some of you, but there are people who are using various design of body piercing, just so they can be part of the privileged group in the world records. They are usually using extraordinary places to pierce or extraordinary, more often big, designs on their bodies, so that they have this unique look.
A meaning of a feeling: Since there are different reasons for people to pierce their bodies, like fashion, religion, culture, and so on, there are also a special little group of people who just like the feeling. What does this mean? It means that a limited number of people simply enjoy the feel of the needle on their skins and this is what spurs them on to take this action.
A meaning of the cool look: Let’s be honest, there are certain looks that need something additional to be really cool. Like, for example, the rock’n roll look, you just need body piercing to reach that special look.
A meaning of rebelliousness: And this is probably one of the most often reasons for a body piercing. Many people pierce their body in response to a feeling of anger or resistance towards something or someone. This is a way of expression that many people use.


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