Commenting in front of the press, Sandra Bullock emphasizes that she is not in love with George Clooney and he is not the dream of all women. They are actually friends of 20 years. No matter that Clooney is considered the bachelor of all times, their relationship is purely as friends. In fact, Sandra Bullock states that she never desired him as man, because she knows him very well. In addition, she believes that other women would also ignore him, in spite of his stunning looks. Bullock also adds that she knows him so well, that the sexiness is not present at all. She does think of him that he is very good-looking, charming, smart, talented, and successful, it is just that she does not look at him as the dream of every woman.
Last month, again in an interview, George Clooney also denied the rumors that they might have a more special relationship. They just made a film together, named Gravity, which was at the top of the US box-office.


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