Do you dare to be different? Are you fed up spending too much time on a night out re-applying eyeshadow and eyeliner?
We would like to give you a hint on how to look fashionable and stylish!

Adorn your eyes in style and get ready to party! Once applied these feel like skin and you forget you are wearing them.



Here is a description on HOW TO APPLY the temporary eye tattoo:
1- Pop transfer out of the stencil.

2- You can apply to lid, wing, under eye or all three. Or of course anywhere else on your body if you prefer.

3- Peel away the clear film protecting your transfer
and place on desired area making sure that the area is clean
and oil free.

4- Using water, thoroughly wet the backing paper and press the
transfer firmly to release the design. (We soak a cotton wool ball or a tissue)
Leave the transfer in place for about 30 seconds pressing firmly on the backing paper.

5- Slide the backing paper gently away from the transfer, leaving
your transfer in place.

Smooth any loose edges with water.

ALCOHOL WILL REMOVE THE “TATTOO” INSTANTLY <–but please be careful to avoid contact with your eyes

Aren`t you looking faboulus? Take your friends and let`s ParTyyYYYy!

If you want to have the same look- click here for more information!

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