Yesterday I got involved in one great cause!

I was invited by a friend of mine Nelli Kivinen to take part in making cards. But not only we made cards… we had great fun digging out treasuries hidden in a room full of craft supplies! My eyes are still stuck on those cute 3D- farm animals and dinosaurs I couldn’t`use! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿


Now, I would like to tell you more about the cause and the group who gathered us together.

Pepper Club is a group of good hearted people who meet a couple of times every year and make cards from recycled materials, old postcards, all kind of papers, stickers and etc. The profit of the sell of the cards goes to the people in need in Sri Lanka.


The club used to be bigger. In fact it was an association, which ran for 10 years. Even though there is not anymore association, there are still people who want to help with whatever they can!

The people from the Pepper Club are really friendly, they enjoy the company of new helpers. We had good laugh at all kind of funny stories! And not only we worked and laughed but also enjoyed tasty lunch and great Porkkana kakku, made by Nelli !

You might be wondering why is the group called Pepper Club, I also did wonder! “The name originates from the fact that Sri Lanka is so far away for us here in Finland “, adds Nelli. There is a Finnish saying “niin pitkällä kuin pippuri kasvaa” meaning: “as far as where the pepper grows”.

It was a great start of the year! I will definitely join this friendly company in future! シ ❤




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