If you are one of many who just like to grab something delicious before going to bed, but are afraid of too many calories, there are a few foods which are not only delicious, but also healthy to have before going to sleep.

Cherries are one of the best things you can have before going to sleep. They are actually helping to burn calories. Not only this, but they are also high in melatonin, which is a great cure against insomnia. If you have the juice of cherries before bedtime, a deep sound sleep is guaranteed.
Another great advice is having a cup of milk right before going to bed. Milk is actually very healthy because it is very rich in amino acid. This way by drinking milk, you give your body the necessary nutrients.
Something you may be did not know is that it is very good to eat jasmine rice before going to bed. This is because it is known for helping digestion and blood circulation. It is also useful for people staying in shape, because it actually contributes to eliminating extra calories.
Keeping in mind the idea of being healthy, if you want to grab something right before bedtime and still not gain a pound, but instead lose one, cereals are the best choice for this. Eating quinoa and barley with some milk will give you the necessary carbs.
Another great thing the nature gave us is bananas. They are also a good choice to have before going to sleep. They are rich in magnesium and potassium, which improve the condition of our muscles and cardio.
Yet, there are also many things we should avoid having before going to bed. Some of them are:
Pasta is one of the first things to mention in this list. No doubt that it is very delicious and we all love it, but it is also rich in carbohydrates, which provide us with abundance of calories. It is also not good to have in the evening, because it prevents good sleep, due to its content of glycerin index.
Many people do crave ice cream before going to bed. However, it is not a good choice, because it is high in fats and sugars. The last will not lead to a calm deep sleep for sure. Instead, it will give you extra energy which is contra-indicated to a good sleep.
Something that might be surprising is the advice not to eat celery in the evening. And here many people will say that it is a vegetable and very healthy. Yes, but at the same time it has a diuretic feature and unless you want to spend the night in the bathroom instead of the bedroom, avoid to eat celery in the evening.
Dark chocolate is also not allowed before bedtime. This is a simple one – it might be very delicious, but as we all know, it is also very rich in caffeine, which is very bad for the sleep.

Last thing we will mention is pizza. We all love it, yes. However, it is not the best choice for evening snack because of its high content of acid in the tomato juice.
Just remember which are the healthy foods vice versa the recommended-to-skip ones and go ahead and sleep tight as a baby.

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