Today I would like to present you the artist behind Pinkkis, Raisa – vegan, mother of two, guardian of two rescue dogs and two rescue bunnies. This lady drew my attention a couple of months ago and she keeps on ispiring  me!

What does Pinkkis mean? The artist shares ” Pinkkis is me, but it’s also you. It makes me happy when you have a cute, fun and totally unique piece of jewelry or pouch, crafted by hand in Finland. So please make yourself and me happy and buy something today!

Browsing through her blog , I found really interesting articles. Pinkkis loves to blog about her life, crafts, dolls, dogs, occasionally bunnies (all rescued!) and about things that she finds fascinating. I recommend you have a look at her stories, I am sure you will fall in love with how she writes- sincerely, emotionally…

So, since this is HANDMADE section, I would like to show you some of her unique colorful creations:

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