If you would like your wedding invitations to seem more friendly than just luxurious, there are some techniques you may use and for sure your friends and family will be amused and happy. Of course, one of the easiest ways to make your guests smile at the sight of your wedding invitation is to use some personal photos on the invitations, you can choose whichever one you want or any size you want, and so on. The final result should be to make the people receiving it happy and excited for the upcoming event. This is probably the commonest technique and this is because it works.
To make it more personal, you can use not only photos, but also some funny wedding invitation wording. Especially in English language, there are so many possibilities to enjoy word-playing. This can be a great technique for creating a more special wedding invitation, especially if you know that your guests have a good sense of humor. Another good idea might be to use some artistic skills and just work on the design of the words itself. For example, if the invitation starts with your names, then you can just create a beautiful design and have your names written in a very artistic kind of way.
The most important thing actually is that whichever way you choose to express yourself as a funny person on your wedding invitation, be very careful because the sense of humor varies greatly. Thus, some things can be accepted by ones as very humorous and by others as quiet boring or in worst case scenario – even offensive. There is a thin borderline so just keep attention to all details and be creative in a positive manner.

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