The Spring-Summer collection of Oysho demonstrates through its models a very interesting idea that is an approach to present the company lovely but simple designs, with almost all pure lines, as a symbol of the modern, cosmopolitan woman who owns an inner strength. It is interesting that white color is in almost every picture that is taken at this collection. This really emphasizes on the fresh appearance, a feeling of purity, even when the photos are made black-and-white. The fabrics that predominated in this year’s Oysho campaign are without a doubt linen and cotton. These two fabrics give away an airy feel and can make every woman feel romantic.

campaing for summer sping by oysho

campaing for summer sping by oysho

Oysho is a Spanish clothing retailer that opened doors in 1977. It specializes mainly in women’s home wear and lingerie. That is because of course every woman wants to feel good about herself and comfortable and pretty, even when she is at home, doing all of the daily chores. The brand of Oysho has a different name at the beginning, known as Confecciones Noite. However, in the year of 2000 it changed its name. This season, Oysho’s collection proves once again its ideology that quality and style are above all, and these two make Oysho as a brand so distinctive.
Some of the linen attire, part of this season’s collection, can easily make each and every one of us dream and feel relaxing on the beachside. This time of year is the best for many of us, when we can wear this type of attire and simply enjoy the sun on our skin, without the worry that we will burn. The great part is that it does not show much skin, but the design outlines the silhouette in just such a great manner. These types of clothes truly symbolize elegance and sophistication.


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