Indian rummy is a popular variant of the actual rummy game that has billions of fans all over the world. The game has a fan following of every age group and the game is famous for bringing people together, despite being a monetary based competitive game. Once the player gets accustomed with the rules and regulations of the game, the player can easily choose the specific skills he thinks are best for him and try to win big in the matches. Usually Rummy is played for small stakes. This is a mild form of gambling, but in practice harmless. Players enjoy the game and do not mind losing an affordable amount of money. Since gambling is technically illegal, players are discreet, playing with friends in private or using tokens instead of money or writing the scores on paper.

Players and Cards:

As many as 10 people can play this game and beyond this number it is perhaps not practical for all the players to sit around a table. Up to 6 players use two decks of cards. 3 decks are used for more players. Each deck consists of the standard 52 cards plus one wild card, with “joker” printed on it.

How the game is played:

The player to the dealer’s right plays first, and the game continues counter-clockwise. Each player’s turn consists of picking up either the top card of the face up discard pile or the top card of the face down stack. Having taken this card into hand, the player must discard one card from hand face up on top of the discard pile. If the player chooses to take the top card of the discard pile, that card cannot be discarded in the same turn and the player must discard a different card. It sometimes happens that the card turned up by the dealer to start the discard pile is a joker, which can then be picked up by the first player in the normal way. Since this clearly gives the first player an advantage, it may encourage several other players to pack.

The play continues until a player, after picking up a card, has 13 cards that form valid combinations, including at least one straight run and at least one other run. In this case the player discards the 14th card and declares ‘Rummy’, placing the 13 cards face up to show that they form the required runs and sets, and winning the game.


While Indian Rummy may seem as the best game to be played by all players to earn money, the game is about skills and patience. One needs to have immense patience and the presence of mind if he wishes to win big rewards in the game. Every game is different from one another and the player has to organize his tricks and methods accordingly for every game that he plays.

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